Garden markers

I didn't plant a huge garden this year. Only green beans and sugar snap peas. It's always fun to have plant markers no matter how big your garden is, so I made a few. I found these two plastic stakes in my neighbors yard. They are from the guys who treat the yard and let you know that chemicals were put on the grass.

Then I took some burlap scraps, drew a rectangle and cut it out.
I thought I would try to use my letter stamps, but they didn't show up very well, so I just used my sharpie instead. That is, after I used my hot glue gun to adhere the rectangle. I just positioned it in place, glued the back part, and then flipped the burlap over the top and glued that part on.

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Aubree said...

Great idea! I just write the words on craft sticks and shove them down in the dirt!

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