Garage sale find Friday

Thanks for joining me for another garage sale find Friday! I'm so excited for my finds today and can't wait to share them with you!

First off, I found this lovely gem in the free box. I think it's the find I am most excited about today! Isn't it lovely? I mean really, who can go wrong with vintage beans, and noodles. I can't wait to take it apart and dig in to that culinary goodness! Only kidding....about the eating part, not the taking apart part. I am excited to take it apart and make it into something fabulous, and for FREE, you can't go wrong!

I also found this little birdie for $1.50. She's part of a set and I love that she's already roughed up a bit. You can also check out my vintage binoculars, not a find from today, but something I picked up a few years ago.

Who doesn't need vintage buttons? I got all three baggies for $1. And really, you always need buttons, especially if you sew, which I do!

Check out this cool old gas station flag. It was only $1 because it's not in the best shape, but sometimes vintage goodness looks cooler with a little wear and tear. I'm hoping in our next house to have a bonus room that I can decorate with lots of vintage finds and this is one of the first things I would put in there.

For real?! An autentic roughed up bowling pin! And for free ninety nine (thanks Suz!). Another lovely thing to add to my built in bookcases in the bonus room that I dream about.

And speaking of vintage finds, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this old fire glass bell thing (what would you call it?). Again, something I hope to be putting on the wall in my new bonus room. Don't you just love decorating for a house you don't have?! I do!
Not a bad haul today for $8! Can't wait to see what I can find tomorrow!


Melissa said...

You definitely scored - I can always go for buttons and I like the bowling pin and the fire alarm...

Kristi said...

You found some great stuff! I love garage sales and thrift stores as well! And I love vintage things as well, you did great! :)

April said...

oh wow, I never luck out at garage sales! I need to start scouring more and more often to get good finds like that!
(followed you from New Friend Friday :)

April -

Anonymous said...

We have the same taste. I love the vintage look. I was SO excited when I found an old bowling pin. I also found a bag of old pool balls that I put in a huge glass jar. My favorite garage sale is a Bingo set. It had the wire cage that you roll with the wooden balls inside! CUTE!

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