Garage sale find Friday 4

It was a crazy weekend, so I am a bit delayed on my Garage sale find Friday post, but better late than never, right?! I hit the jackpot on vintage linens on Friday at a garage sale. And at 10 cents a piece, I did my best to just pick up the ones in the best shape and then think about what I was going to do with them later.

Two vintage tea towels.
An embroidered pillowcase
This funky coordinating fabrics that probably used to be napkins
And this round tablecloth that has hand embroidered flowers.
And check out this gem. I got 5 old burlap potato sacks for $2. Not sure what I am going to do with them yet (maybe use it as wall art?), but I thought they were pretty cool. Did you find anything fun?


Melissa said...

Oh - they are all very, very, very cool.

Tonya said...

Great finds! I LOVE the potato sacks, Wall art sounds great and I would love to make a pillow or two! Have a blessed week!

Me said...

Do you know how to make pillowcase dresses w/ribbon? So easy and your embroidered pillow case is perfect for making one! You'd like making them since it's well under $10! :)

Unknown said...

I do know how to make pillowcase dresses. In my case if the pillowcase was 10 cents, it wouldn't cost me much more than that to make! I love cheap projects!

Shauna said...

Great finds! Love the potato sack! I've seen cute ones on etsy that are made into bags! TOO CUTE! I'm new to your blog and love it!


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