Reusable Sandwich Wrap with Matching Baggie and GIVEAWAY!!!

Remember this book that I talked about last week? Well, I finally got the chance to dig in and make something in it.

There were several projects that caught my eye. I'm looking forward to finding more cashmere sweaters at garage sales this summer to piece together and make a patchwork blanket. In the meantime, I needed to make my daughter a new sandwich wrap.
I bought one for Isabella a few years ago, and it finally bit the dust. I'm quite sure that a handful of aluminum trees were saved because she used her wrap n mat ! Her mat held up quite well over the past few school years, and if you are looking to buy one (as opposed to trying to make one), I would highly recommend getting one (I get nothing from giving them a plug, just so you know!). I could make one, and I found a killer fabric (the main reason!), so I thought I would try my hand at it.

Here's the link to Betz White's reusable sandwich wrap tutorial (sort of) . If you want the actual pattern, buy the book!

The directions in the book were so easy to follow. And while I didn't use PUL like suggested, I picked up Amy Butler's Love oilcloth fabric (why wouldn't I fall in love with the fabric that cost $19.99 a yard!!!) and used iron on vinyl to make the whole thing waterproof instead. The 1/3 yard of fabric made two sandwich wraps, and a baggie (directions not included in the book, just a pattern I threw together on my own). There is even enough left over to possibly make an actual lunch bag. Or, I may make more baggies...stay tuned.

In the meantime, my follower count is creeping up and I have decided that when I hit 200 followers (seriously, stalkers, follow me!) I would give away the extra sandwich wrap that I whipped up this week. So, hit follow on that sidebar, and keep your eyes peeled for that announcement when we hit 200 and I "draw" that lucky number out of my computer generated hat!


Melissa said...

I've so been meaning to make these but haven't done it yet...I wish that either my list wasn't so long or I had more time...

These are way cool and very practical too!!

Unknown said...

I have wanted to make these but didn't want to try oil cloth yet. So this is a great alternative. Thanks for the idea.


AlMcLeary said...

Very cool and practical idea. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Very cute! I just did one of these with my daughter for Earth Week @ school...your's came out MUCH better~ hehe

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