Rachel's Random Ramblings

Seven things about myself:

1. You can currently see me and my family on the boxes of Kelty camping gear at Target. See more about that here.

2. I was only 19 when I got married. My hubby and I just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary and we are more in love with each passing year. I definitely married my best friend. (you can stop gagging now...promise..no more mush!)

3. We are currently house hunting in our area for a bigger house, and let me tell you, this market is crazy! I'm excited about decorating and putting my mark on a new home for our family...if we can ever find the right house! Redfin and Zillow are my new bff's.

4. I hate needles. Not because of the pain, I actually have a fairly high tolerance for pain (I had two of my three kids without any medication), but because I literally pass out nearly every time. It's a vasalvagel response.

5. Surprisingly, I just went in for elective surgery at the end of May. I had a tummy tuck six weeks ago. It's the only surgery I have ever had. At the description of the procedure during my consults, I nearly passed out and would have to lie down and have a glass of water nearby. Valium was my friend the day of the surgery!

6. The thing I was most excited about getting done during the tummy tuck was having the diastasis recti fixed. Through three pregnancies, my abdominal muscles had separated by about 5 inches. Crazy what pregnancy does to you!

7. I love to travel and am looking forward to a family trip to Club Med in Ixtapa, Mexico in November. The warmer the location the better!

I also have this list that I complied a few months ago.

How random is that? What's random about you?


Debbiedoos said...

Thank you so much for the lovely award...I am award free so you will not see me post on this, I do however, appreciate your thoughts so very much!

Unknown said...

Thanks soooo much! I appreciate your kind words :) Your blog is super cute and I love that dress you made with the pillowcase!!!

Unknown said...

And that family picture is so fun! I love it

No Big Dill said...

I blush! Thank you for your lovely words about me. I wish I was going to Mexico with you in November--sounds heavenly.

iammommahearmeroar said...

Thanks so much for thinking of me! I'm honored. Now I'm heading off to check out the other blogs that I don't know. Thanks again!


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