Garage Sale Finds 9

I was surprised at how many garage sales were out there this weekend, with it being a holiday weekend and all. I did get some finds, but first, I want to show you some of my past garage sale finds being put to use in my house.

Remember my lamp? It was $2! I love to put a vase of fresh picked flowers (cut from my neighbors house) next to it, to give my whole front window some life.
And my wreath stand, with two ball jars hanging on it. I picked more fresh roses from my neighbors yard (their house is foreclosed, but we know the old owners would have loved for us to have them!). I love them as a little fresh surprise in the entry way.
And now onto today's finds. I picked up this bulletin board.
Isn't the landscape picture stunning?! I have big plans of ripping that out, and putting a black and white shot of our family in there. An easy change for 25cents...yep, I bargained!
One of my constant finds at garage sale is always clothes. I have mentioned in previous posts that I get about 95% of our whole families wardrobe from garage sales. I haven't been sharing them with you, because I thought, hey, it's a craft blog, no one wants to read about that...but too bad, it's my blog, so I can put my fancy schmancy jeans on there if I want to!
I paid more for these jeans than normal at a garage sale ($10!), but they are designer jeans (seven for all mankind) and they are in perfect shape.
I also picked up this BCBG Maxazria dress for $1. I think it will make a lovely standby dress to wear to weddings or to Easter next year.
And what's that you say, more jeans?! Yep, I got another pair of designer jeans, this time Joe's jeans for $10. Like I said, I don't normally pay that much for jeans at a garage sale, but they sweet lady let me go into her house and try them on, and they fit.

I also picked up this Pier 1 wicker sofa and table for $10. Isn't it ironic the prices that we pay at garage sales? $10 for a pair of jeans, and $10 for a sofa and table...sometimes it doesn't make sense!
Doesn't it have really cool detail? I was thinking for $10, I would put it outside, but my hubby wants it gone. It's listed on craigslist right now. Story of my life!
Did you find anything fun this weekend?
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Debbiedoos said...

Not like you...I found some small stuff! Love the jeans! Cute cute stuff....My party is going on if you are interested.....have a great weekend. Debbie

Debbiedoos said...

Great...thanks, may be a little quiet this weekend...but I would poke around some others...enjoy!!~

Kati @ Housewife_Swagger said...

I am still in love with the lamp! And the wreath hanger is so cute! I love that idea! And the Pier 1 wicker!! Have you seen how much their wicker stuff goes for???! What a deal!!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the encouragment Debbie. I love garage sales! :)

Pam Kessler said...

Like the wicker sofa and table. Why in the world would someone price that at only $10.00 - unless their husband wanted it gone also (lol). Good idea to get it on Craigs List.

Grannys Attic said...

WOW you got some great deals. Love the wicker set. Your hubby sounds like mine sometimes GET IT OUT OF HERE WE HAVE NO MORE ROOM! LOL
Blessings, Vicky

Steph said...

Great finds, cracked me up with "hubby wants it gone," sounds like mine.

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