Designed to sell

We are still in the LONG process of trying to buy a house that is a short sale. It's one of those living in limbo moments where we could be moving in the next few months or not at all. Trying to be positive though, we have spent our free time getting our home ready to sell.
One of those things on the to do list was taking our oldest sons room from a dark Colts blue color that he loved to something a bit more neutral and more crowd pleasing.

I didn't take any great before pictures of his room, but like any pre-teen he had it jam packed with a little bit of everything! He even left up the superbowl decor that I made back in February.

We ended up moving everything out of his room minus his dresser and bed and taking everything off of his walls. I wanted to do a baseball theme in his room but decided that less it more so I didn't overdecorate that's for sure!
I picked up this comforter and pillow at a garage sale for $5. It's not my favorite, but it is more neutral than his blue stripes that he had before. I bought the four panels of curtains at a garage sale a few years back for next to nothing.

This is the view from his room. Mt. Rainier will totally sell the house don't you think?!

I left this Pottery Barn sports rug in his room to cover up some stains. I picked the rug up a few years ago at a garage sale for $8.

That's it. Nothing fancy, just neutral. Hoping that when it's time to sell the house it goes quickly. This is a room that is definitely designed to sell.

UPDATE: our home sold the first day it was on the market for over asking price. I think painting the room helped!


jamie said...

as a Hoosier I was really impressed to have found your blog a few weeks back but now that I see you are a COLTS fan I am officially your blog fan for life. So glad to see that the COLTS are loved far beyond Indy!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter just moved up there. They live in Redmond. I visited recently and fell in love with the area. I wish we could move up there, but we would never be able to afford a house up there! Our house (which is very modest, but with ½ acre lot) would be WAAYYY out of our price range.

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