What I wore Wednesday 4

Welcome to my garage sale edition of What I wore Wednesday. Last week we were vacationing on the Washington coast but this week, because of the weather, I definitely made up for it in outfits! The mornings start out cold and overcast but by the afternoon it's usually in the 70's. Outfit changes are necessary and the extra laundry represents that!

So let's start off on Thursday. I'm training for my first half marathon (You Go Girl in September) so this is typical running apparel for me. While the outfit was cheap, most of it was not from a garage sale...but don't be disappointed, I did get the Nike running jacket for FREE ($100 tags still on) from a family friend.

Hat-Nike: $1
Jacket-Nike: Free
Pants-Lucy: Christmas present
Total: $1
That night, I had a meeting so I actually showered and put some clothes on. Unfortunately, this was a case of all dressed up with no where to go because I wrote down the wrong event location and missed the whole thing! I ended up sewing.
Necklace-garage sale: 25 cents
Navy blue polka dot shirt-Forever 21: 50 cents
Pants-The Limited: $1
Total: $1.75

Friday was spent going to garage sales and hanging out at home.
Red sweatshirt-Mossimo: $1
black layering shirt: 50 cents
Yoga pants-Nike: $14.99 (TJ Maxx)

I skipped Saturday for whatever reason, so that brings us to Sunday, church day.
White shirt with black trim: 50 cents
Black pants-The limited: $1
Total: $1.50

Monday started another two week session of swimming lessons and some errands to get ready for a busy weekend ahead.
Grey sweatshirt-Nordstrom: $1
Jeans-Nordstrom: $35.99 (I know...crazy right?! They were actually $60 full price, but having bought them with buyers remorse I took them back only to find them on sale so I got the price adjustment)

Tuesday brought more errands and swimming lessons
Grey Sweatshirt-American Eagle: $1
White layering shirt-Aeropostale: $1
Jeans-YMI: 50 cents
Total: $2.50
The afternoon got warm, so I changed for a little bike ride and playing outside with the kids.
Grey tank-Hollister: 25 cents
Khaki capri's-American Eagle: $1
Total: $1.25

This morning started out cold and as the clouds burned off it only kept getting warmer. It's not even 2 and it's already been a 4 outfit day (one of which were my workout clothes this morning).
Grey Sweater-Hollister: $1
Pink shirt:50 cents
Jeans-Nordstrom: listed above

By 10, the outfit was worn without the sweater...

And by noon, it was a total change.
Brown dress-Forever 21: $8.99 from Plato's closet
Necklace: $1

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Courtney said...

Visiting from New Friend Friday- I like your bargain clothes! I love to go bargain hunting!! Have a great weekend!!


Debbiedoos said...

Love Platos closet I think we just got one next to us here...I have to go check it out. Have a great weekend. Debbie

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