Blog swap with Mandy's Yellow Corner

I am super excited to welcome Mandy from Mandy's Yellow Corner here at Holy Craft! I've been reading along with Mandy for a few months now and enjoy her style and her tutorials. She's even got some great tutorials for how to update your blog. So let's welcome Mandy today and then go check her out on her blog and see what you've been missing!

Hi there!

I'm Mandy, and I'm so excited to be here on Holy Craft!

I live in Colorado Springs with my darling hubs and our dog, Ali...
And I spend most of my time crafting and sharing those crafts on my blog, Mandy's Yellow Corner.

Today I'm going to share how I made my Mod Podge Bookpage Pumpkins...

Old Newspapers
Masking Tape
Pages from an Old Book
Mod Podge
Paint Brush
Dark Paint

Start with some old newspapers and some masking tape...

Roll the newspapers into a wad, and shape it into a pumpkin shape:

Cover the pumpkin with masking tape to secure the shape:

Now is a good time to paint the stem of the pumpkin a dark brown color.
Rip up pages from an old book... I ripped each page into two strips:

Cover the pumpkin with the strips
[I used some masking tape to secure the strips]...

Apply Mod Podge to the entire pumpkin:

To smooth it out, I held the pumpkin and molded it with my hands like one would do if working with pottery.

And that's it!

Lovely Bookpage Pumpkins for your mantel:

If you enjoyed that tutorial, I hope you'll stop by and visit my yellow corner!
I have many other tutorials...

Like my recreation of a beat up door that I was infatuated with...

Or my tutorial for making an Anthropologie Knock-off Necklace

Pour yourself a cup of coffee, and hop on over for a visit!

I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks again for having me on your lovely blog, Rachel!


Chrissy said...

Love them!! Really cute!!

Shanna said...

cute. I remember making a giraffe like this years ago!I am a new follower on GFC via blog hop! PLease visit me @

Unknown said...

just wanted to let you know that something lovely happened to me today…I found your blog…delightful

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