What I Wore Wednesday 14

Welcome to another week of What I wore Wednesday-Garage sale edition. I did better at taking pictures this week. I found that I can't take a good picture of myself so if I can rope a kid or a hubby into doing it, I have more success. Let's get started.
This is my where's waldo in green edition.
I am always freezing during the fall and winter (I really despise the next 9 months or so of our rainy season in the Pacific Northwest) and layer, layer, layer!
Green layering shirt-Abercrombie and Fitch:50 cents
Green striped shirt-Target: $1
Jeans-Vigoss: $1
Total: $2.50

We met for a family dinner at the Spaghetti Factory before leading Youth Group.
Grey sweater-Banana Republic: 50 cents
Jeans-Vigoss: $1
Flower made by me: free
Total: $1.50

Our family spends a lot of time out in our cul-de-sac. We have become fast friends with our neighbors down the street and the kids all play together while we chat. Mike and I did not plan the whole grey and white strips thing (you can't tell, but my shirt is grey and white striped) but when Mike got home from work, and walked down the street to find us chatting, the neighbors instantly started making fun of us and had to snap this "Tolo" picture (I guess Tolo is a dance where you dress up as your date? I don't know???) as they call it. We had parent teacher conferences later that evening. Guess who changed? Hint: not me!
This is one of those "I thought it looked better than it did outfits" that I threw together.
Orange sweatshirt-Target: 50 cents
White layering shirt: Gilly Hicks-years ago
Khaki's-Abercrombie and Fitch: $1
Total: $1.50

I'm pretty sure it's time to throw these jeans in the wash now! Three times this week! Phew, they are getting a workout!
Brown sweater-Gap: 50 cents
White sweater-Target: $1
Jeans-Vigoss: $1
Total: $2.50

I'm linking up with Lindsay at the Pleated Poppy.


mel @ the larson lingo said...

Such cute outfits! You are awesome at finding good deals on cute stuff!

M.O.T.B said...

Don't you love garage sales! Seriously why pay full price:) People get rid of such great stuff. Love how you put it all together!

lindsey said...

ok, i need to go garage sale-ing with you!

Julie S said...

I agree with Lindsey, I really want to go garage-saleing with you. You always find the greatest stuff!!!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Hi Rachel,

I've swung onby from your guest blog appearance and I'm loving your blog!

I love the mix of crafts onhere.

My blog is a mix of crafts and interiors (all with a Modern Country Twist).

I'd love youto come and see!!

I'm your new follower.


seven thirty three said...

Obviously I need to go to your neighborhood to garage sale! You have such cute outfits for such amazing prices! I am jealous. ;)

emilyc @ Sew Super Sweet said...

I am amazed at the success you've had at garage sales with clothes! Great work!

Crystal said...

Adorable blog. I'm now following you.
p.s. great outfits and prices!

Tori Bella said...

Ha! I'm originally from Yakima (ya know the God forsaken place on the other side of the mountains - which you absolutely should check out Craft Warehouse there. I miss it soo bad since now we're stationed in Virginia and don't have that or a Hobby Lobby! LAME!). Anyway, Tolo happens two times a year and it's when the girl asks the boy and then you wear simliar or matching shirts and outfits. My husband and I always joke whenever we end up wearing the same outfit that we should've always been each other's Tolo dates in high school. Anyway, super cute site!

The Prudent Homemaker said...

Great prices! You have such good garage sales up there! That is why I have a friend shop them for me :) (She offered, and I said yes! I send her with a list for my boys). Prices here are 2-5 times that at garage sales.

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