Summer Camp Memories

Nothing says summer like a week at camp!

Our two older kids have both had a chance to spend a week (separately) at camp this summer.
My daughter went first, then this week, my oldest son is there.

Who doesn't like getting letters at camp? The boys sat down to write their sister a little note.

This was Isabella's first year to go to camp and she loved it. The experience for a girl at camp seems so much different than the boys experience, even at the same exact camp.

She took a shower nearly every day (my son won't bathe until they soap up the slip n' slide on the last day), her clothes were neatly packed away as she returned home (um, tongs for the boys laundry? Yes, please), the girls rode horses and made crafts and kept their bunks clean (the boys ride dirt bikes, make spears and are generally a messy bunch).

We were shocked when mid week we got a letter home from our daughter. It was so sweet. I'm not sure my son ever thought about sending a letter home.

When we picked Isabella up from camp, my husband and I looked at each other when she told us about the pretty round that they sang in chapel. Yep, again, not something I heard from the boys!

The camp is located on a local Island that requires a ferry ride. Probably the best part of the whole trip if you are a five year old boy!

We spent some time waiting for the ferry so we got some time to explore this old lighthouse. Isn't it adorable?

I think the lighthouse keepers house (on the left) is just waiting for me. I would even blow the fog horn once or twice if they needed me to!

Our sweet girl was happy to see us after a great long week at camp.

Did you grow up going to summer camp? Do your kids? Tell me about it.

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Rebecca Dot Com said...

those pics look like you had an awesome time :)

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