Or Current Resident #3

Back in March, I did a post called Or Current Resident and Or Current Resident #2 . I celebrated the fact that I am getting the old homeowners catalogs and am taking great inspiration from some of the way over priced clothing I am seeing pictured.

Take these two pictures for instance.

I love how comfortable the maxi skirt and dress are. I'm not one for getting dressed up and feeling stuffy. I like to look dressed up but be comfy.

And guess what else? I had about two yards of grey jersey material that I bought at a garage sale for 50 cents.

You know that show Storage Wars? The two guys having the garage sale buy up abandoned storage units, sight unseen, and these poor guys were left with all this sewing stuff (most of it garbage). But not to me...I saw inspiration! So with the fabric and a matching grey t-shirt from another garage sale for a quarter I set to work trying to make the blue dress in the picture.

The dress hung mostly done in my closet on my dress form for a good part of a month. I couldn't figure out how to attach the waistband in a way that didn't look bulky.

And guess what? I never did figure it out! I sort of came to the conclusion that I wanted to leave it separate but then when I put it together to try to pass it off as a maxi dress, the waistband was so unflattering.

So thankful that I still had the shirt in tact enough to wear as a shirt, I did just that.

Pretty sure Sophie likes it!

Much better. Not the maxi dress I was trying to make but not a total failure either.

Oh no, don't get up...stick around for tomorrow's post to see what I do with the skirt.

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Tanya said...

Sometimes you just have to improvise! Cute top!

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