Rebus puzzle

Make Your Own Rebus Puzzle

My younger two kids have been watching The Electric Company on PBS this summer.

One of the characters is a sneaky guy named Danny Rebus. The kids have been having fun figuring out the puzzles with the rest of the cast.

With summer being here, we aren't in a great morning routine. Some weeks we have swimming lessons, other days we have to leave early, some days we have nothing going on.

So because of our lack of routine, we often times go around questioning if Sophie, our golden retriever puppy, has been fed. Sometimes I feed her, sometimes my 9 year old will feed her other times my husband will feed her. Sometimes no one will feed her and sometimes she will get fed twice!

On one such morning when Sophie actually got fed twice, I found this clever little rebus puzzle that my husband left on the counter but went overlooked.

I was in a hurry when we found the note, and lets be honest, I stink at these puzzles, but my oldest son got the message.

We all had a good laugh (at both the facts that Sophie got fed twice and never mentioned it to us but went right ahead and ate her bowl of food like she hadn't ever seen food before, and also at the puzzle...because it's awesome). All of us thought their dear old dad was quite clever (and a surprisingly good artist).

So when it came time to feed Sophie the next morning guess who made their own rebus puzzle?

No, not me! My nine year old daughter. I thought it was super sweet. After all, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

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