Garage sale finds Friday 24

Welcome to another week of Garage Sale Finds Friday. Where I share with you some of my recent garage sale finds.

I must confess that I have been in a garage sale slump. I never thought it would be possible since garage sale season typically dictates my life (I even planned our 10th anniversary cruise around a garage sale) but I have been (good) busy with life that garage sales haven't been top priority. But I miss them so!

To see some of my past garage sale finds, check the side bar and click on the link.

This week, I found some really cool old windows. I love old windows. I love that they are already naturally distressed, I love the shapes, the colors, and I love that they are all different. Different panes, different sizes, different.

This one I picked up at a barn sale for $3. It's missing glass in one of the panes, so I have made this my outside window. Not sure how much it will cost to fix the glass (or if I want to...I think it adds character). For now, it's on my front porch.

I picked up this old window at a local garage sale. The lady who sold it to me had every intention of using it for decoration but said she just hadn't gotten around to it yet. For $7 I was happy to take it home with me.

I just love how these windows have so much possibility. Like this one.

or this one
What did you find this week?
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