Window Shopping Day 3-Halloween Edition

For the past few days I have been sharing with you some of the treasures I found while out window shopping with my husband on his day off.

One of my favorite places for window shopping is downtown Sumner, WA. The shops were all decked out in preparation for Halloween. Here are a few of my favorite things.

Check out that black cat

and these paper mache dolls were so fun! I loved how they had displays with various cages and bars.

Does this remind anyone else of Harry Potter?

I love mice...when they aren't real!

There were a lot of black trees

I thought this sign was pretty cool. And it looks like it would be easy to make.

I love these pumpkin scarecrows and the pumpkin in the pot

I'm pretty sure this candy corn was painted packaging peanuts

The embroidery on this towel was great. I think it would make a cute shirt for a kiddo or a little framed picture

I love the font and the colors on these signs

Look at the base of this guy. It looks like a candlestick and and some round wood pieces. Again, something that would be easy to make

I love Cinderella pumpkins!

These were little ornaments for the black trees I was talking about earlier that were everywhere. They had little black jewels hanging down from them too.

LOVED LOVED LOVED this pumpkin treat basket

More ornaments for your spooky tree

I love all of the details on this little girl. And the orange trees in the background are super cool

I thought this little girl had the best expression and I loved the white house behind her

This pumpkin was pretty cute too

Aren't these some of the best Halloween decorations you have ever seen? I have more to share with you tomorrow.

1 comment said...

Scary fun Rachel!! ;) Those are some great finds!! I love all of the signs and ornaments especially. I am really behind on in the Halloween decor department :)

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