Christmas Family Festival

 For the past 20 years, our church has put on a Living Nativity production for the community.  It was an amazing Christmas production complete with Roman soldiers on horses, angels appearing in fog, young Mary on a donkey and older Mary explaining her response, villagers selling traditional wares, and often times a live newborn in a manger.  There were lots of live animals and an even larger cast and crew for the four or five productions each evening over that many days.
This year, things were a little different with more of a focus on family.  There was a Bavarian market feel to the sanctuary with lots of various foods and treats to buy (the money goes to missions) and snack on.

These are the toppings for the waffles

Several church members brought their delicious snacks and treats to sell as well.

There was a petting zoo with several animals

And a story time with the shepherds

 There were crafts and lots of fun things for the kids.

We had fun with sharpies!

I was asked to help plan and organize the crafts for the kids.  Since this was the first year of the festival, we weren't sure what to expect.  I wanted to plan simple crafts that could be enjoyed by kids young and old.  I was amazed at the amount of pre-teen boys who were excited to make crafts!

I went to pinterest to find some ideas.

Pinned Image

The wool acorn provided inspiration for the pine cone trees

Pinned Image

Martha Stewart provided the inspiration for the candy cane mice.  We attached the candy cane story as well.

Pinned Image 

Remade simple provided the inspiration for the baby food jar tea lights.

We made several variations of the jar tea lights adding Christmas fabric, holiday paper or tissue paper to the jars before embellishing them with stickers, letters, hand drawn decorations, ribbon and/or glitter.

It was a great craft for all ages.

Families were also able to take a hay ride with Roman soldiers leading the way.

The festival was a lot of fun for the families that attended.

What type of activities does your family do to celebrate Christmas?

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