Everyday Victories for Team Mom!

My sweet daughter Isabella Grace just turned 10 in April.
Double digits!
Turning 10 was a huge deal for her.
Once you are in the double digits, you are never going back.
You are {officially} growing up.

Isabella is spunky, she loves to read {mostly historical fiction}, cartwheels wherever she can, loves to make bracelets and has collections. 
Lots of collections.
She loves to spend time with her friends and have sleepovers, giggling and whispering late into the night.

Bella and I are very similar in a lot of ways.

Bella loves to get a good bargain and has fun going with me to garage sales.
She brings along her purse {an old purse of mine that was in the Goodwill pile, quickly became hers} with all of her gift cards and money anytime we head out shopping.
You never know what kind of deals you are going to find!
I usually find her talking her younger brother out of buying a cheap toy at a discount store telling him about what wonderful deals and high quality items he can pick up at a garage sale for only a quarter!

She loves to run and usually pushes me to get out on a nice day and go jogging with her.
We've done a few 5k's together and I know it won't be too long until she's too hard for me to keep up with!

Isabella loves shoes.  She sort of even collects them.  She has her favorites and has a hard time getting rid of any pair in her closet, just in case the perfect outfit comes along.  I remember when I was her age I went to summer camp for a week.  Before I went, my mom took me shoe shopping.  I picked up several pairs of shoes, but my favorites were a silver pair of high top sneakers and a gold pair of high top sneakers.  I brought one of each along with me to camp.  I got the best shoe award at camp because who doesn't love a kid with one gold shoe and one silver shoe?!

I realize that my baby girl is quickly growing up and turning into a fine young lady right before my eyes!
So, when she celebrated her 10th birthday, I knew just what to get her.
Part of growing up as a woman is sharing some of those tips and tricks with her that my mom shared with me.  When I was in Jr. High, my mom gave me my very own bottle of  Olay Complete UV Moisturizer.  All these years later and I still use Olay Complete every single day. 

I love knowing that every day, I start my day by putting on sunscreen.  We all know how important it is to protect ourselves from the sun, and the damage that comes with it.  Since I have used this product {for over two decades!} I never get dry skin, my face stays hydrated but not greasy, and it helps my makeup stay in place all day.

  I knew that once I passed the torch and gave Isabella her very own bottle of Olay moisturizer that we were officially growing up!  A few weeks ago we packed for a trip and I realized that she packed her very own bottle of Olay right next to her toothbrush and her hairbrush.  It's part of her beauty routine now.

My baby girl is venturing into being a tween with a good start and healthy habits.
That's an everyday victory for team mom if you ask me!
Have you tried any of the new Olay products?
If the "old school" version is so awesome, I can't wait to give the new professional line a shot.

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I was selected for participation in this campaign as a member of Clever Girls Collective.  All opinions are 100% mine.  I really do use Olay Moisturizer every day...and love it!

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Anna at www.mylifeandkids.com said...

You two are adorable!

And now I'm off to buy some Olay Complete - wish I would have started two decades ago!!!

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