Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 30

Welcome to another week of garage sale finds Friday.
Where I share with you some of my best garage sale finds from the week.

Are you ready?
I picked up these two turquoise baskets.
The color is amazing!
They were $1 for both.

The baskets had dead leaves in them, which made me think that someone used them as a planter.
Did you know you can get plants at garage sales?
Oh, well I did!  
I picked up these Hostas for $3.
I'm testing them out in these baskets. 
What do you think?

There are so many things you can do with frames.
So when I saw these frames for a quarter a piece I snatched them up.
Just you wait...something crafty will come from these!

I love cake stands.
Recently I broke the lid on a cake stand that I got for a wedding present.
I was so bummed.
But not anymore!
I found this cake stand with the lid for $1!

Remember this post?
I explained to you all my search for a cheap entry sideboard to fill up my foyer.
I got super excited when I found this dresser.
It's in great shape.
No missing hardware, the drawers all work and slide well.
It's sturdy and made of real wood.
And guess what?
It was my favorite price
So that makes me love it more.

What did you find this week?
Anything good enough to rival my free dresser?


Unknown said...

Love those blue baskets! Had to post about 'em!!

Cap Creations said...

Oh wow the baskets are great and I love the color too. Your plants look fantastic in them. Thanks much for joining us at Cap Creations this week!

Unknown said...

I LOVE garage sales, thrift stores, found some goodies here!:)

Glenda said...

Some great finds! I love those baskets. And how lucky was that - the shelves fit right into your cabinet!

I am an addicted Flea Market Hopper and Garage Sale Fanatic. Check out my Flea Market Junky blog sometime.

Chrissy said...

love the colour and shape of those baskets! great score.

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