Throwing a baby shower for a 4th grade classroom teacher

My daughter's super adorable and extra awesome fourth grade teacher had her first baby (a girl) yesterday!
It's been fun for the kids to get to see their teacher's belly grow throughout the 
whole school year.
It was fun wondering if she would be in class each day, or if she would be at home having the baby.
She actually made it to work four days before she had her sweet little one.
But before her due date got too close, I wanted to have a baby shower and an end of the year party to celebrate.  We had a great time, and I want to share it with you.

The baby already had a name (Avery), so I made up this guessing game on my Silhouette machine.
I printed it on card stock so the teacher can keep these guesses in little Avery's baby book to see how close (or how very far off!), the kids were!
Just for the record I actually mentioned several times that I thought the baby would be born on the 12th, and she was!

I also found some great free printables on line of games that were somewhat educational and fun for the kids to do during the shower.

We had a baby animals guessing game, an around the world matching game, and wishes for baby that kept the kids engaged and were a lot of fun to play.

We also played a game that was right up the 4th graders ally.
The melted candy bar in the diaper guessing game.
Not my favorite *adult* baby shower game to play, but super fun for 10 year olds!

Those kids knew their candy bars!

 I used some of the decorations from the she's about to pop baby shower I hosted for my sister in law last year and we celebrated with a cake, the teachers favorite!

The kids brought in some very thoughtful gifts and we were able to shower her with a gift card to get some of those essentials (or not so essentials!) she hadn't gotten yet.

We ended the party with one last game.
The kids got to see their teacher go from a very petite little thing, to a very petite little thing with a big belly!
So, I thought it would be fun if the kids took a string to guess how big her belly was around.

Instead of each kid wrapping their arms around their teacher to measure, we put an actual size measurement on the board and used that to measure the kids guesses next to it.

Some kids were off by feet, others were off by inches!

All in all, it was a very fun party for the kids and a great way to make their teacher feel special for the afternoon.
Congratulations Mrs. Kennedy!

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Chelle said...

How fun for the kids & the Special Teacher! Kudos to you Mom for doing this sweet party that allows children to participate, learn & bond in a very special way w/ their Teacher!!! GREAT JOB!! I am sure Mrs Kennedy feels so LOVED by her students & their parents!! TFS & Congrats on the new baby. (I LOVE the name Avery)

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