Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 32

Welcome back to another week of garage sale finds Friday, where I share with you some of my favorite finds from garage sales.  Do you ever go to garage sales and sense a theme of the day?
This actually happens to me quite often.  I'll go to one garage sale and think "I've never seen that before", then the next five garage sales I go to all I see is that particular thing.

In sticking with this "theme" I thought I would share with you my sewing/crafting garage sale finds.
Sewing and crafting are expensive hobbies. 
If you can keep your eyes peeled for the right items, you can save yourself a ton of money.

*Remember several months ago when I found some twine?  I immediately thought I would make bakers twine.  I finally did.  Don't worry, the tutorial is coming soon.  It's easier than you would think!
*Scrabble tiles are great things to craft with.  I got this bag full for $2
*I have found fabric by the yard at more than one garage sale.  This week, I found 2 bolts of tulle in the color I needed for $1.  Score!
*Gingher scissors are a dream.  Vintage Gingher scissors in great shape...a dream come true!  I paid $7 for the pair of regular scissors and pinking shears.
*Pins, pins and more pins.  I can always use more, especially when I participate in Paula's Pillowcase Project.
*Bags of buttons always catch my eye.  I picked up this bag for $1
*You can never have enough bobbins.  I got these metal bobbins in the container for $1 (despite their $2 price tag!)
So what did you find at garage sales this week?


Craftcherry said...

You had some great finds! It seems like we've kinda passed garage sale season here. Do you hunt them out or just drive around searching for a good one? Before kids, my husband and I would go on driving adventures and stop at interesting looking sales, shops and restaurants.

Carolyn said...

Awesome find on the Gingher scissors! Those are my favorite and I guard mine closely. said...

OOh, great finds! I was just looking for some scrabble tiles for E's party, those are always good to have on hand!!

Halle said...

Fun finds! I bought my girl a flute on the way home from working out...she doesn't know it yet. The kids were fighting like crazy when I got home so I decided to hide it until I wasn't crabby anymore. :)

Mariël said...

Great finds! I love the sack with buttons!

Unknown said...

I wish I had time to go to more garage sale's! Nothing to report this week. Although there is a little consignment shop next to where I work that is just so attractive on the way home... :) Coming to you from the blog hop!

Angela @ Nine More Months said...

Buttons and scrabble tiles are always a great score!! I wish we had good garage sales around here. And I wish my husband would let me collect more craft supplies. :(

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