Sheet music wreath

Easy to Make Sheet Music Wreath Tutorial

On Monday, I shared with you how I made my sheet music Christmas trees.
Today, I will be sharing with you how I made my rolled sheet music wreath.
Isn't it beautiful?!

I started with a large piece of sheet music.
Roll the sheet music lengthwise.
I always knew I had a good roll when I would end up with a triangle in the middle of my cone.
Glue the end of the paper in place with your glue gun.

I used a Styrofoam circle from the Dollar Store.
You all know how much I love the Dollar Store!
I marked the center with a dot, but I don't think it really matters one way or another.

Once I rolled a fair amount of cones, I was ready to start gluing them on to the Styrofoam circle.
I made a large cone pattern to start off with,

then slowly starting to fill in the spaces as equally as possible.

Once I finished gluing the cones on as full as I could, this is what it looks like from the front.

I did the same thing to the front of the wreath filling in the Styrofoam with cones until I was pleased with the fullness of it.  The center needed to be finished off with something, so I decided to attempt to make a sheet music fan for the center.

I took 3 sheets of 2 inch wide paper for the big fan
and one sheet of one inch wide paper for the small fan

Small fan tutorial
1. fold the small paper accordion style
2. glue one end to the other end and place on it's side
3. carefully gather and pinch the end pushing down in the center to make a flower.  Place a small piece of glue in the center to hold it together.

Large fan tutorial 

1. fold the three sheets accordion style
2. glue each end to one another
3. form a circle with the paper
4. pinch and glue the inside together 

 I glued the big fan and the small fan together, and then glued it to the center of the wreath.
You could also glitter the edges of the fan if you wanted to.

 That's it!
Glue a ribbon to the back and hang your wreath in your favorite spot!

As you can see, I really love sheet music.
Have you made anything beautiful with sheet music?


Unknown said...

This is so pretty. I'm going to pin it on Pinterest. Found you via the Simply You link party.

Danni@SiloHillFarm said...

How beautiful! What a great tutorial too! Thank you! I'm pinning it too!

Donna Huisinga said...

Very pretty. Hadn't thought of using a stryofoam circle. Nice tutorial. It turned out great.

Megan Gunyan said...

Very nice! I love the sheet music. It looks so elegant! Great job.

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