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Our family of five has some crazy dinner conversations.

Last night our dinner conversation was all about how many flushable wipes you need to wipe with and how you fold them to make the most effective use of your said wipe.  Did I mention that we were actually out to dinner last night?  Don't you wish you were sitting at the table next to us?!

Last week, Cottonelle sent me a package with their Clean Care toilet paper and a box of flushable wipes.

My kids were more excited about that box than they were about their favorite dinner!

You see, when my kids were potty training, I used to buy flushable wipes for them as a way of  "teaching" them how to help wipe up.  I didn't want to be a mom of an elementary school age kid who would scream at me "can you wipe me?"  I know you know a few.

Once they got the hang of their bathroom routine, I stopped buying flushable wipes.

I had no idea that they would be so excited when something as simple as a flushable wipe made it's appearance in our house again!  All three kids wanted to be the first to use them!

Which takes me back to our dinner conversation.

One child accused the other child of using too many flushable wipes during their bathroom routine.

The kids were afraid of running out of "heaven in a box" as my daughter calls it.  One child proceeded to tell us all about how many wipes he uses (general consensus is that you only need one) and how he folds the wipe to get the most bang for his buck.  Apparently, when you describe your folding process, it also requires you to proceed to act out the process in the middle of the restaurant sharing with all how you fold and wipe with Cottonelle flushable wipes!

The kids have all decided that the flushable wipes stay as part of their bathroom routine, and quite honestly, I can't complain.  Especially after watching this (hilarious!) video.

"If you aren't happy here, think about your own bumper."

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