Vintage Valentines in a heart cookie cutter

Happy Valentine's Day my sweets!

Today, I want to share with you one of the final Valentine's day crafts that I made this year.
These fun vintage Valentine's!

I found some adorable vintage Valentine's from Tipnut that I resized and printed them off.
I bought these two vintage heart cookie cutters a few weeks ago at a super fun "junk" show called Second Saturdayz for $1 each.

I cut the Valentine's down to size and made sure they fit into the cookie cutter.

I thought they needed some faux moss {from the dollar store}, so I put glue inside the cookie cutter and smooshed the moss inside.

Then I put glue on the back of the Valentine's and smooshed those inside on top of the moss.
Everything is better with a little glitter, so I sprinkled some glitter on top of the Valentine's.

I have them in my den on my fireplace next to my favorite candy, red hots!

And my second favorite candy, conversation hearts {but only the white ones}.

I just love vintage Valentine's.  
How are you celebrating tonight?

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Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Ca-yute! Great idea. Happy Heart Day to you.

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