How to Pose your Dog for a Family Picture

Our three year old Golden Retriever Sophie is a part of our family.
It didn't even cross my mind that we wouldn't include her in our impromptu trip to the park to try to take photos for our Christmas card.

My husband set up the tripod and got the camera ready while we all tried to pose and hold his spot.
Unfortunately, Sophie didn't get the memo that you are supposed to turn towards the camera, smile and look your best.

We ended up with these pictures of Sophie.
She's looking at the camera, but we can't get her to sit.

family pictures with dog

Here she is sitting, but the kids are all laughing because she isn't turned toward the camera.

family pictures with dogs

Our attempt to just let Sophie chase squirrels in the park, left her to actually photo bomb us at the last second.
christmas pictures with dogs

Trying to get a family picture for our Christmas card with her in it, just wasn't working.
If only I had remembered that she will do anything for a treat.
Sophie is partial to the bacon and peanut butter flavored kind.

use dog treats to post your dog

I just take the treat bag out and she immediately sits and is ready to do anything I ask of her!
Behind the camera, this is what I am holding to get Sophie to sit in position for Christmas picture attempt 2.

I ended up getting this very dignified looking picture of her by the Christmas tree. 
Man, why didn't I think of bringing her treats along to the park when we were trying to get a family picture?

Live and learn.
Next year, the five of us and the dog will be gracing the family Christmas photo card.
Of course, I'll make sure I have dog treats in my pocket.

I would love to see your cute pet Christmas photos.

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