Third Time is a Charm: My 100% Honest Stitch Fix Review

See that tag line up there? It says, real people, real projects and real life. Earlier this week I had a real discussion on one of my social accounts. I'm not quite sure what it is, but some people get behind a computer screen and forget that there is a person there. The response I got when I told them to be kind was "I'm surprised you responded." Of course I did. I don't for a second take for granted that there is a face behind the number. I read every comment I get and do my best to respond to every single word that you write to me. I'm real. 

Which is why when I review a product or tell you I would totally buy or donate to something, I mean it. I wouldn't tell you about something that I didn't love. This time last year, I gave Stitch Fix a try. I wrote a 100% honest review. Heck, it was more than a review, it was a novella. I just went back and read it and was impressed at how thorough I was. Seriously, it's got everything in there from tips from my Stitch Fix obsessed friend to how the whole Stitch Fix process works. I'm not going to rehash it, so go read it. 

Last month I got an e-mail that was offering a chance to try Stitch Fix without paying the $20 styling fee. {Don't think I'm special, you can get the same deal with no styling fee too.} I really had nothing to lose so I thought I would give it a try. 

You see, after that first time I thought maybe I'd try it again. My feedback was certain to help guide my stylist in the proper direction right? Nope. I struck out again and decided I was done giving Stitch Fix a try. BUT, I love a good deal, and I could try Stitch Fix one last time without any strings attached, so I did. And I was pleasantly surprised. I even had some of you help me vote to decide what to keep. Why not see what I got and see what I decided to keep in what I'm calling my "third times a charm" Stitch Fix.

My {follow up} 100% Honest Stitch Fix Review

So I was in all-in blogger mode this time around and even did an unboxing video. Probably my first ever. It was awkward. Not going to lie. Then I made things even more awkward and posted the outfits on my instagram stories and let you all vote on them. 

So while I was tempted to keep all 5 of the pieces and get a huge discount, because that's a thing apparently, I took some of the advice I got from my stories and selected the highest rated outfit as something my husband plans on giving me for Christmas.

And now as I type that I remembered that I have already put both of the items away in my closet. Whoopsie. Guess I should take those out and let him wrap them!

Initially, I would have kept all 5 items. I was surprised that they were all something I would probably wear. In my experience with past Fixes, I couldn't have said the same thing. 

So why didn't I keep them? 

1. I'm not made of money! 

I'm super cheap, which is why I have a hard time with Stitch Fix in the first place. I'm a thrifty shopper who usually only hunts on the clearance rack. 

2. I wasn't sure I would wear them enough to make the price I was paying worth it.

Again, money. But also, how long would they hang in my closet before they made it into my donate pile?

Let's take a closer look at the pieces.

The green jacket was only $88. I was surprised that it wasn't a few hundred dollars. I liked that it was warm and cozy but the downside was I already have a similar coat in my closet already and it's not waterproof. It rains all the time where I live. I needed something more functional.

The middle choker sweater was cuter on than just folded up in the box. I had comments from a lot of my {ahem} younger readers that really liked the sweater. I just wasn't sure I would be able to pull it off without looking like I was trying too hard to be younger. For the record, I'm not.

And finally, the printed blouse was surprisingly my 15 year old daughters favorite outfit from the bunch. Who would have thought? I am always cold though and this lightweight blouse would have been covered up with a sweater and wouldn't be getting much wear from me.

I decided to keep the black bell sleeve sweater and the distressed girlfriend jeans. I didn't have anything like it in my closet and could see myself wearing them a lot. I do love a good pair of jeans. Especially ones that can carry me year-round. Our weather is so mild that I can get away with wearing these jeans with a t-shirt and flip flops in the summer or a sweater in the winter. I can even dress them up with heels or wear them with sneakers.

I also wanted a sweater with the bell sleeves that was pretty on trend for this season and this one works.

So what are my final thoughts on Stitch Fix?

I don't have another one scheduled if that's what you are wondering. 

I was happy to give it a try when I didn't have to pay the stylist fee. I kind of looked at it like a no obligation risk-free trial. You can too because for the whole month of December Stitch Fix is waiving their fee. 

I think I would give it another shot in the future if a) they waived the styling fee again and b) I had some reason/event to try it again. 

I can't tell you what to do, but let's pretend we are girlfriends sitting over coffee. I'd totally tell you to give it a try right now because you can have that $20 styling fee waived and give it a shot yourself. You have nothing to lose.

It's the perfect time to get a Christmas present for yourself or you can have your husband give it a try. They have Stitch Fix for men. Why not? It doesn't cost you anything unless you decide to keep an item or two or five. 

If you try it, tell me what you think. I'd love to know what your 100% honest experience is like. Did your stylist hit it out of the park or was it just meh?

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Lucy G. Nichols said...

I'm a Stitch Fix shopper and I've bought several items in the last two years that I've really enjoyed wearing. It took some time for the stylist to figure out what I like. but since then has been doing a good job. They stay within my price range, always deduct the $20 stylist fee, plus I am pleased that there is no postage for returns. I started getting a Fix every month but that was just too much for my budget so I've opted for every other month. The items I truly love I keep. The just OK items I send back.

Derby Lane Dreams said...

Looks like I may need to give it a try!

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