DIY Coordinating Christmas Ornaments and Wrapping Paper the Easy way!

I love the look of coordinating decorations at Christmas time, don't you? Unfortunately, this look can get expensive and require you to replace what you have. I found a way to work with what I had and create coordinating Christmas tree ornaments and wrapping paper and you can too! I'm sharing how you can do this with the purchase of just a few items and a few minutes of your time.

DIY Coordinating Christmas Ornaments and Wrapping Paper

white christmas tree
I purchased this tabletop feather tree for a few bucks at a garage sale. You can usually find inexpensive tabletop trees at most local stores. I am a sucker for this white one. If you don't have a white tree, I think you need one!
white christmas tree

I showed you how I used the Duck Mirror®  to create this beautiful mixed metal wreath and was excited to see that I could also find the Duck Texture® in the same trendy colors and patterns. Not only is the tape durable and easy-to-apply, it comes in mini rolls so it's super convenient to take it with me wherever I go, no scissors required!

I applied the Duck Texture tape to some plain ornaments I had in a box. Seriously, I didn't even have to buy anything new.

white christmas tree

My local dollar store carries rolls of white wrapping paper so using the texture tape and mirrored tape on the paper was easy. Not only that, it created a beautiful coordinating style that looks amazing under my tree. And yes, those are actual presents, not just empty boxes!

white christmas tree

I can't even begin to tell you how easy it was to customize this and create a whole coordinating look in just a few minutes.

white christmas tree

I love these new products and know that you will find countless ways to personalize and embellish not only your holiday decor, but everything else that you love!

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