Free printable! September memory verse

Two years ago, it was one of our family goals to spend each month memorizing scripture.
I find a verse, whip up a fun little print in picmonkey and print it off.
The kids have one in each of their rooms and on their bathroom mirror.
At the end of the month, if each of the kids has the verse memorized, we do something fun as a family.
Like Menchie's for fro yo, or Cold Stone for ice cream.
Yeah, pretty much anything dealing with food.
Cuz that's what you do when you memorize God's word. You go out and eat ice cream.
Pretty sure that's a commandment or something.

With all things school related we sort of start losing steam towards the end of the year.
The first year, we fizzed out in March,
last year we fizzed out in February.
Here's hoping we can make it through at least May this year!

As a church we have a focus on discipleship.
We want to make disciples that make disciples, so this verse that was shared as part of the sermon last week fits in perfectly.

If you would like to join us in memorizing scripture,
simply right click on the image, save it and print it off.
But please, only use these prints for personal use only.

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