Stenciled $10 rug update

I not only write a blog, I am also an avid blog reader.
I see tutorials all the time and love the finished project but I constantly wonder how those projects have held up over time.  Especially ones that get used often.
Over two years ago I stenciled a Big Lots rug that I got for $10 and shared the tutorial with you.
I used regular paint can paint that I had on hand that I had gotten for free and even I was concerned at how well the paint would hold up over time.
This is a picture of the rug from March 2012

I'm happy to report that while the rug has faded, it has held up remarkably well.
The room that the rug is in receives the most light and is one of the highest traffic spots in the whole house.

The stenciled rug is by far one of my favorite projects to date.
So go ahead, use leftover wall paint on a low pile rug and paint away.
You will have a custom rug at a fraction of the cost in no time!

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