Lunch box items that receive the Holy Craft seal of approval

By now, you are at least a few weeks into school.
{can I get an Amen!}
You have found that the blue water bottle you pack leaks, the container with the applesauce doesn't close again properly and spills and by the end of the day the lunch box you kid is using is all wet.
Wet? Why?  Who knows!

After careful trial and error, {who am I kidding!} lots of failed lunches and years of experience,
 I come to you like Good Housekeeping with their seal of approval and am giving you a run down of the lunch box items that get the Holy Craft seal of approval.
It all starts with the proper lunch bag.
Some are too small and you can't fit even a sandwich in, some are too big and the kids can't fit them in their backpacks.  I found the perfect size in these LL Bean lunch bags.
The insulated bag keeps things cool until lunch time
  {I put a small ice pack in the inside pouch}
 and is easy to clean.

I always pack water in my kids lunches.  We went through water bottle after water bottle trying to find one that could be store on it's side in a lunch bag for hours each day and not leak.
We finally found one and I am happy to report that the camelback kids 
water bottle not only doesn't leak, it has also lasted for several school years and is still going strong.

I don't buy a lot of pre-packaged lunch items for my kids.
It's just not economical.
It doesn't take me long to fill up a small Ziploc bowl of trail mix, crackers or fruit and pop it in the kids lunch.
I have even been known to make my own jello and pudding cups in these Ziploc containers.
A can of mixed fruit with the juice not drained and added to the cups before it is frozen is one of my kids favorites.  One can makes about five servings.  
It not only acts as an ice pack in their lunch, it also is a healthy slushy treat come lunch time.

These Ziploc bowls hold up well {I've been using the current bowls for the past two years}and they don't leak.  Don't be confused or tempted to buy the off brand.  
I have and it's a huge mess.
These work.

Kids usually need a spoon in their lunch. 
I pack cheap spoons and then tell the kids not to throw them away.
Did you know you can put plastic utensils in the dishwasher?
You can.
They wash up well and you are saving the environment.
Win win.
Speaking of saving the environment, I try to cut the waste down that my kids have by sending reusable snack bags and sandwich wraps.
You can find the tutorial on how to make your own, here.
{it was one of my first tutorials, please don't judge me for my pictures.}

The final thing I slip in my kids lunch bag is a slim ice pack.
These are the ones my kids use. 
They don't sweat and stay cold for the whole day.

Those are my no fail lunch box items.
They have earned the Holy Craft seal of approval and I know you won't be disappointed if you try them as well.
I am not receiving any kick back from my recommendations, just a mom willing to help another mom out.  

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Abby said...

Good tips! My oldest daughter really likes to have salad every day for lunch but with dressing on the side. I have tried many containers for the dressing. These are by far our favorite. The ones I tried from the Dollar store were hard to open. When she yanked them open often ended up with dressing all over her. So these are just perfect

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