Jammie day

Last week, my elementary aged son had school conferences.
That means three days off of school for the little guy 
while the older kids still attend classes as normal.

We were looking for things to do, just the two of us and decided to have a jammie day.
You know, a day where you don't change out of your pajamas and you try not to leave the house no matter what.
This is hard for me to do because I am not a homebody at all!

We have had a long standing rule in our family that if there is a movie that is adapted from a book,  the kids have to read the book first before seeing the movie.

My kids think that this is an actual life rule.
Like as in, the cops will give you a ticket if you don't read the book before watching the movie.
{they also think that they can't officially turn the next year older until they have their well child check at the pediatrician's office}

Last year we read Pippi Longstocking, so when we saw it on Netflix, we knew we had to watch the movie!  My little guy and I sat all snugly and close and enjoyed watching the words that were once on the page come to life.

It's always fun to compare the way that we imagined the book to be in our heads and how the movie ends up on the screen.  And I always like to point out the differences in the movie vs the book in case any of my lovely offspring decide to go the lazy route on a book report sometime and watch the movie instead of reading the book.

Netflix has all kinds of books turned movies available which makes it easy for us to get our kids reading a good book so that they can sit back and watch the movie.

My older son loved the Hunger Games series and I know I could get him to love The Lord of the Rings.  Last year in English he read One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and To Kill a Mockingbird, both available on Netflix.

My daughter loves historical fiction and really enjoyed The Boy In the Striped Pajamas.
And while it's a tear jerker, it's well written and provides a great perspective of that time in history.

And as I mentioned, my youngest son loves Pippi Longstocking.
He's also looking forward to watching Old Yeller.
Pretty sure when the older two kids were his age we went through a box of Kleenex during the book and another during the movie!

When I was a kid, my most favorite book in the whole world was Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.

It's fun to see books that we love turned in to movies.

What are some of your favorite books that made the big screen?

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