Jeans. A wardrobe staple.

Jeans are a part of my uniform.
I decided early on that I would do my best to get dressed every day, 
even if all I was doing in my day was cleaning, wiping noses and playing games with my three littles.

{Two of my three in 2003 at Pike Place Market, Seattle}

I didn't always used to like jeans. 
I remember going through a phase in 5th and 6th grade where I wouldn't wear jeans.
I was such a petite kid that I had a hard time finding jeans that would fit when I was that age
and no on likes to be hiking up their pants all the time.
One of my favorite pairs of pants were actually knit.
Like a sweater.
Yep, I was super cool!

Thankfully, that phase was short lived and I found out how diverse jeans really are.
I love that you can dress them up or dress them down.

My three kids all live in jeans now too.
Now that my oldest son is done with his growth spurt he's been begging me to invest in a pair of designer jeans for him.

He's been eyeing True Religion brand jeans.
Aidan is 16, so his go to pair of jeans are slim fit.
Apparently it's what all the kids are wearing.

These hand picked men's slim jeans have everything he's been looking for...
slight distressing, classic slim fit with an edgy take, skinny but not too skinny..
all in a great dark wash.

While my husband has a professional job
{he's an engineer}
he doesn't meet with clients and rarely gets out of the lab or away from his computer.
His go to uniform for work are a good pair or jeans and a nice t-shirt.

My husband sticks with boot cut jeans
{he's tried, but just can't pull off a pair of skinny jeans}
and since he wears the jeans to work, he tries to stay away from any distressing or holes.
The Danny boot cut would be a good pair for him.
He's not one that likes to stand out, so the simplified pocket detail on the caboose is a good feature.

This fall, I keep coming back to my skinny jeans.

I'm a big fan of the Victoria mid rise skinny jeans.
I can wear them with a pair of tall boots, ankle boots or ballet flats.
I even love this dark distressed wash because it can be dressed up and they don't look like grubby lounge around pants.
I wore a pair like this when I subbed for 5th graders last week. 
I paired the jeans with a button down shirt and a blazer and I must say, while I wasn't sure about wearing jeans to "work" I think I still looked professional and ready to teach.

Are jeans part of your uniform?
What's your favorite pair?

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