Take a peek inside my sub bag

I started the school year with a new job.
I decided to start substitute teaching at my kids school this year.
I only want to work two or three days a week and subbing provides a very flexible schedule for me to be able to do that.

I have really enjoyed being in the classroom and working with kids.
Each day is different.

One day I could be in PE, another day I could be teaching third grade.
I have to be prepared for anything so I have a sub bag that I have put together with essentials for whatever may get thrown my way.

Want to take a peek inside my bag?

Inside my bag I have a book to read during silent reading time or when the kids have a specialist.
I have a notebook and my favorite pen {a sharpie fine line} for leaving notes for the teacher.
I always have a box full of candy.  Nothing motivates the kids like a secret stash of candy.
I usually pass it out to the kids showing good behavior and shockingly good behavior from the rowdy ones usually follows.
I also have a bag with BandAids,
 {holy cow these kids want to go to the nurse for just about anything!}
a nail file, some chapstick and lipstick and of course some headache medicine because let's be honest, not every day is a good day.
And of course, I always travel with my Puffs SoftPack.
There is a reason I'm subbing in a classroom and it's usually because the teacher is out sick.
Cram a classroom full of sniffly, snot-nosed kids together and it's a germ fest!

I have to make sure I'm prepared and I love that the new Puffs SoftPack can easily fit in my sub bag and it's water resistant!  So when I put my sweaty water bottle in the bag I don't have to worry.
I think it's genius that the Puffs that we know and love now come in a SoftPack that can fit anywhere!
Where do you take your SoftPack?
Share how the new SoftPack fits into your life on the Facebook page.
Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Puffs through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about Puffs, all opinions are my own.

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