Duct tape helmet tutorial

How to Cover your Helmet in Duct Tape

I didn't grow up wearing a bike helmet when I was younger.
I realize how important they are and I am helmet Nazi for my kids, 
but when I wear one, I feel like a total dork.
My youngest son and I have taken to biking to school.
Well, I bike, he rides his unicycle.
I want to be a good example so I wear this free IKEA helmet one of my kids got as a birthday present in kids club.
{thank you IKEA}

I decided that I would put my own flair on it
{and cover up the IKEA logo}
with some duck tape.
I had a few coordinating rolls laying around, so I picked two.

I decided I wasn't bold enough to go with a full on print on the whole thing,
so I took the plain blue tape and started in the middle and then covered the outside of the helmet.

I continued covering the helmet with long tape pieces and straightened it out as much as possible.
There are several vents in a helmet, I just used a box cutter to cut those open and fold the tape inside.

I decided to use the chevron tape as an accent on the bottom and the inside of the vents.

The inside of the vents were the trickiest part.
I cut the pieces of tape in half and carefully placed them on the inside.

I'm pretty pleased with the finished product.

I gave my free helmet and update and made it my own.

Duck tape really can be used for anything!
What is the craziest thing you have used duck tape on?

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