Large art for cheap

One of my favorite home decorating projects has been this
The store version was $550.
My grand total was under $5.

It started out at this large canvas that I purchased for $1.
Most people don't see the potential and wonder why anyone would want this old super 70's painting for their home.

I am always on the lookout for large pieces of artwork that I can transform.
They are getting harder to come by, but I did happen on to this landscape scene for $7.
The frame is what drew me in.
I purchased it at an estate sale and the lady was surprised that I wanted to purchase it.
She told me that her mother painted it years ago.
She said to me "I'm so glad that someone can take this and appreciate it."
Little did she know what my plans were!

I ended up sanding down the paint on the picture to make a smooth surface and painted over the whole picture with a few layers of chalkboard paint.
While I'm not appreciating the picture the way that it was intended, I think I actually like the end result 1000x's better!
Can't you just see fun quotes, grocery lists, drawings and chalkboard art all over the new version?
What do you see potential in that maybe others don't?


Em22 said...

Thank you! I absolutely love this and come across tons of these style paintings at yard sales, thrift shops and local flea markets really cheap! I was using picture frames and painting the glass, and sometimes the wood frame, depending on the color, but id rather use an old painting like the one here bc they are much easier to come by and cheaper than larger picture frames! So, thank u and I just found ur blog thru Pinterest and am having so much fun going thru the many tutorials! My my, look at the TIME! (2am here now!) Lol! I've been reading off & on since 11pm! And am looking forward to more! Keep up the great posts! Im def a new follower!

Carol, The Answer Is Chocolate said...

I ogle these whenever I'm at RH and then keep walking past the price! What a great result. Featuring when my link party opens up tonight !

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