Halloween crows

Halloween Crows with Supplies from the Dollar Store

Welcome back to Halloween craft week at Holy Craft.
I've been sharing a few of my favorite crafts that I have worked on from this season.

The first in the series was this birch candle holder made from a decorative pumpkin.

Then I showed you these glass knob pumpkins

Today, I am showing you my gussied up crows.
I love the crows that you can buy at the Dollar store.
I usually pick up a whole handful of them.
This year, I decided to dress them up a bit.

I used this template for their book page witches hat.
Once the hat was cut out and glued, I used black crepe paper to embellish the hat.
I ruffled the crepe paper collar by using a needle and thread.
I simply pulled the needle and thread through the two pieces of crepe paper and pushed the crepe paper in a ruffle.
I cut a small x in the bottom of the hat and used hot glue to glue the hat to the crow.
I glued the two ends of the collar around the crow's neck.

He makes a nice addition to my book page wreath don't you think?

 Check back tomorrow for our final craft
{a tutorial}
in the Holy Craft Halloween craft series.

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