Garage Sale Finds Friday Edition 65

Welcome back to another week of garage sale finds Friday.
Where I share with you my favorite garage sale finds from the week before.
The garage sale season is slowing down and starting to come to a close, but I'm still going to any garage sale I can find when I have the time.
This week I found a few fun items for decorating my bonus room.
How fun are these fake popcorn tubs?
They were $1 each and I put them inside the $1 hat box with some 25 cent books to give them some height.

I've also been looking for an old typewriter, though I don't know what I would do with it other than sit it out on a table.
This one was in great shape and only $10.
The kids have already written old war letters with it.
Super fun stuff.

And while I didn't get these lockers recently, 
I think that I forgot to share them in a GSFF post.
I love these old lockers and picked them up for the screaming deal of only $15!
They are super awesome and I love them.

All of those lovely items are now in my bonus room.
Such an eclectic mix of stuff that finds its way up there.
I love it though.

What did you find this week?

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