Did you know you can buy glasses on line?

Four eyes. Spectator. Specacsaurus. Sir Specs-A-Lot. Goolysses S. Grant. Clark Kent. Lady Ga-goggles.  Call us what you will, three of the five of us in our family wear glasses.  My oldest son and I prefer to wear contacts the majority of the time, but even contact wearers need back up pairs of glasses.

I wear my glasses every night after I take out my contacts.  I also give my eyes a break on occasion and wear my glasses during the day.  And sometimes there are just days when you have eye issues and you can't wear contacts.  It's sort of inconvenient if you can't see, so it's nice to have glasses to fall back on.  

Especially glasses that you like to wear.  My oldest son is still growing, which means his eyes are still changing.  He recently got a new {stronger} prescription for glasses and with our busy schedule making it hard to shop around together {I'm the walking money dispenser} we tried Firmoo

We were able to use the virtual try on system to find a frame that my son liked and with a few clicks, the eyeglasses were ordered.  The prices are the lowest I have seen anywhere!

As a bonus, new customers get their first pair free!

If you are looking for good quality glasses without the extra price, give Firmoo a shot. 

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