Looking forward to the future

My oldest son is a junior in high school this year.  We've spent the year going to college fairs and planning for what his future will look like after graduation.  It's exciting to plan because I know he will do great things in life.

When I am around my son's friends, it's not uncommon for me to start asking them what they are planning on doing in the next few years.  I posed the same question to a group of girls that ranged in age from 14-16.  These girls may be the same age as my son and his friends, but that is where the similarities stop.  

The old water source that was shared with animals and often times dogs would die in the same water they would drink

Dreaming of a future is a new concept for these girls and their families.  Until just five months ago they were using a dirty hole as their only water source.  They shared the water with their cattle, pigs, goats and dogs. The water is shallow at the edge but it is very deep where it runs under tree roots and goes underground. Dogs would often times go and drink from the water and fall in getting caught under the roots.  They would die and only resurface after their waterlogged bodies bloat and explode. Some of the water they would draw would have fur in it. Once the dog would surface, they would scoop the dog out and continue drawing water as if nothing had occurred.  

The alternative to using this dirty water source wasn't any better.  Mera Bumda, 55, said that people would openly go to the bathroom in the other water source and that the animals used the water for baths and drinking.  Not to mention that it was much further away.

Mera is a widow who has asked her two granddaughters to come and live with her to help her since she is often sick because of HIV. Before the new water source was dug she was rarely able to even get up during the day.  She would have constant diarrhea and relied on her granddaughters, who would often miss school, so that they could take care of her.  Today, just five months after the new borehole was dug, Mera was dancing and singing songs of thanksgiving.  Mera feels like now that they have a clean water source they can have a future.  Before, they were living day to day and being overwhelmed by their circumstances.

I walked down a dirt path worn through the grass to a borehole.  I met up with the girls and was able to ask them what they dreamed of and what their hopes were for their children and grandchildren. The girls were quick to tell me the professions that they dreamed of {nurses and teachers} and were hopeful that their children would have a better life since they were excited about the improvements that were already being made to their own lives.  They dreamed of leaving the village and moving to the city.  

Listening to the girls dream about their future at their new water source

"The borehole has brought us together.  Things have changed!" Bazaar

These dreams were not dreams that they would have imagined could be reality. It's amazing how a simple thing like clean drinking water can change the face of a whole household and in Bazaar Buwmba's opinion, a whole community.  Before the borehole Bazaar said that people were living for themselves.  Now the community can live as one family-people looking out for each other.  
This community is now able to dream.  They are able to think about the future.  They are thankful. World Vision has brought water to their community and Mera feels important and loved because someone cared for them enough to give sponsorship dollars to their community.

Walking from their new borehole is much easier and their health problems have all nearly disappeared!

To learn more about the area I visited and what the impact of clean water can be like in a community check out the information about the water effect.   To find a child available for sponsorship visit here.
It only takes $50 for one person to have clean water for life.  You can make a difference to that one person.

You can read more about this community and what life was like before and after the new borehole on the World Vision Water Effect site.

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