Snack time!

There was no school today.  The kids were all home fighting, hungry and testing every last bit of patience that their mama had.  My three kids are all capable of finding something to eat on their own {hallelujah!} and a few of them aren't even afraid of the oven. I had heard a few hundred times as my kids stood in front of the recently stocked {as in just yesterday I spent a small fortune} pantry and then moving on to the "can we squeeze just one more thing in jenga style" fridge how we had nothing to eat.  

One sweet child {who will remain unnamed} was begging for these prehistoric animal shaped nuggets that he had had at a friends house a few weeks ago.  I'm actually super grossed out by those nuggets because a) I don't think that there is a whole piece of meat inside of them and b) they are the soggiest mess when they cook that I don't think they are even fit for human consumption.

I swooped in like a modern day super hero and saved the day by carting the kids off for a quick afternoon snack at KFC.  We drove through that drive through like a boss and picked up Popcorn Nuggets for the whole crew!  

The small child who was begging for the oddly shaped pressed meat was overjoyed that these KFC Popcorn Nuggets are extra crispy and made with 100% white meat {that is never pressed or formed into weird extinct animals}.  

The next time your friends reach for those pressed shaped unpleasant nuggets, steer them in the right direction towards their nearest KFC where they can get Popcorn Nuggets made from the world's best chicken--the way nuggets should be.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by KFC through their partnership with POPSUGAR Select. While I was compensated to write a post about KFC Popcorn Chicken, all opinions are my own.

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