Training again. Some tips that I have learned through the years.

I don't let the fact that I hate running stop me from running. I have found that I am a fairly typical type A personality which is why I think that I keep signing up to run races. I have run four half marathons and more than a handful of 5k's.  I'm currently signed up for half marathon number five in June.
I made myself a snarky running shirt and I think that helps me during my training runs.  I have also learned a few things over the years. If you are training for your first 5k or your fifth half marathon, maybe some of my tips will help.

Find a good training plan

I can't point to one particular training plan that I use.  Typically, I find the one that suggests the least amount of running. Actually, the first thing that I do when I sign up for a half marathon is that I look at my calendar and start counting back from the week before the event and subtract a mile from the distance. The week before my race, my long run is 12 miles.  Two weeks before it's 11 miles, three weeks before it's 10 miles, and so on. 
I also start changing the way that I work out. I start running more often.  Sometimes I run for a set amount of time {30 minutes}, other times I run 3-4 5k's plus my long run in one week. In general though, I am running at least four days a week with one long run thrown in there.

Get fitted for shoes 

I'm normally very thrifty, but after several months in the care of a podiatrists after my first half marathon, I realized that it's more thrifty to spend my money on a good pair of shoes than on a doctor.  Most running stores will fit you for the right shoe for the way that you run. Running in old worn out shoes or ill fitting shoes is the leading cause of injury for runners.

Buy good socks

After my first half I had the worst blister from wearing cheap socks.  The blister ended up taking off my toenail. Ever since I've purchased dry max socks to wear and haven't had a blister since.

Stay energized

If you walk into a running store, it's hard to walk past a goo or replacement snack that they won't try to tell you that you need.  I haven't had good luck with any of the gels or goos personally, though I know people who swear by them. Attempting them for the first time on race day is a major mistake that will leave you throwing up or in the bathroom.  The few times I have packed something to eat on long runs, it's been fruit snacks, honey sticks of gum. Find what works for you.

Stay hydrated

I'm not very good at drinking water, but after those long runs I know my body is depleted.  I will often get headaches that last the whole day and I have to force myself to drink water. The best way for me to drink water is to not have my water taste like water. I have been using Dasani Drops.  My favorite are the lime and strawberry basil. The small bottles fit easily into my gym bag and are unsweetened, naturally flavored with no color added and zero calories.  

I often find that I will remember to drink water while I'm at the gym or after a workout, but I will forget to hydrate during the rest of the day. As a busy mom of three, I spend most of my afternoons and evenings in the car. It's easy to slip a bottle of Dasani Drops into my purse.

For those rare times when I get a break, I like to curl up in my favorite chair in the house and sip the new Dasani sparkling black cherry while reading a good magazine. It's lightly carbonated so it curbs the desire to pick up a less healthy option and it has zero calories and no artificial flavors.

You can pick up any of these new Dasani products at your local Target.  Don't forget to use Target's Cartwheel app because for a limited time, you can get coupons for both Dasani Drops infusions and Dasani sparkling black cherry in the app.
Do you have any good training trips for me? I'm always happy to learn from others! Please share them!
disclaimer: this is a sponsored post all opinions are 100% my own. I wouldn't share something I didn't love. 

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