Don't tell the kids, but you can sneak something educational into their TV time!

I don't pretend to think that my kids are going to be watching less television in the summer. However, I like to hope that they don't fill their minds with hours upon hours of mindless TV watching.

I already know that all that learning they filled in their minds with during the school year will slowly seep out, but if I can do anything about it, I'm hoping to steer them towards some educational TV this summer.

It's easy to do with Netflix.  Want to know what my kids are watching?  You might even learn something too!

I love that I can find a whole slew of documentaries and learning programs on Netflix. Some of my kids favorites that they are watching right now are School House Rock! Earth {I still sing some of the School House Rock songs I learned when I was a kid}, Planet Earth, The Magic School Bus {did you hear Netflix is rebooting this series with some a series of new episodes in 2016.  In the meantime, you can catch all the originals}, The Blue Planet {my youngest son is obsessed!},  Brain Games {our whole family loves this one}, and Bill Nye the Science Guy {one time I kissed Bill Nye on the cheek...I'm sure he still remembers it!}.

I would love to know what some of your families favorite educational shows are.  We have to make sure they don't get dumber during the summer now don't we?!

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