Garage sale finds Friday plus a big announcement! Edition 66

It's back!  For the fifth year in a row, Holy Craft is bringing back it's most popular series! 

Garage sale finds Friday happens every Friday, here at Holy Craft, and showcases some of the items that were picked up at garage sales.

Since I can remember I have been hitting garage sales. From May-September {or as I like to call it, garage sale season}, you can find me out every Friday and Saturday hunting down the best deals.
I'm excited to bring the series back this summer and I have some fun news to share with you about a new spin off of everyone's favorite series!  You will have to read to the end to get the big announcement!
I'm a big fan of anything vintage and old looking.  I also love anything that can work double duty.
I know I'm not the only one who likes to use vintage containers for storage.  I picked up the pair for a quarter a piece.

This smaller box is an old barbershop container.  Not sure what it would have held {perhaps razors, combs or smaller supplies} I just loved the wood and the detail.  And for only 50 cents, I couldn't pass it up!

I'm always looking for craft supplies at garage sales.  I love to create, but I don't want to pay full price for an item I'm going to craft with. I picked up these three terra cotta pots for $1 with a craft already in mind.
And finally, my most favorite purchase of the day, this whole flat of succulents for $10!  I was literally on my way to the store to pick some up when I found a garage sale with all of these goodies! They are more beautiful and hardy than any I would have had the money for at the nursery and at such a great price!
If you follow me on instagram {if you don't, you should!} you probably saw these already.  I gave a little preview. 
Now, onto the big announcement! I know you guys have been dying to know what it is! 
Well, not everything I find at garage sales is perfect.  Sometimes it needs a little TLC or a fresh new life and vision to bring that quarter find into a spectacular must have creation, which is why I am introducing a new series called Transformation Tuesday.

I can't promise you that every Tuesday will bring a new transformation, but I've got a few ideas up my sleeve so I know that you will see some fun ideas throughout the summer.  In fact, this coming Tuesday, I'm going to have my first transformation Tuesday featuring the items above!  I'm sure you have no idea what I'm going to do with them do you?!  

Come back Tuesday and see if you were right!  

What did you find at garage sales this week? Use the hashtag #garagesalefinds and tag me @holycraftblog. I would love to see them!

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