Transformation Tuesday-an updated hamper goes from the 70's to glam with some spray paint

I am so excited about this new summer series called transformation Tuesday, where I take one of the previous weeks garage sale finds from Friday and transform it into something amazing.

This week, all it took was a little spray paint to take a really old 70's looking storage hamper into something really awesome.  Here's a glimpse at what it looked like before.

You won't believe how good the after looks!

Seriously!  For only $1, this plastic dark wood hamper jumped into the next millennium with a coat of spray paint and about ten minutes.

All I did was wipe the hamper down with a wet rag.  I took off the two screws that were holding the lid on and removed the top.

I always have white spray paint on hand because you never know what you are going to need it for. I love this Rust-Oleum satin paint with primer because it works on any surface, even plastic. Check out that nozzle.  It sprays like a dream!

How much better does this storage container look now? Isn't it a great transformation?

I think the most important thing to remember when looking for an item to transform at a garage sale is to pay attention to it's lines.  This one had great lines with that geometric pattern so I knew that it was going to turn out great.  If you can get past the ugly duck first impression, you may end up with something awesome that you love!

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