Using scrapbook paper to create a journal with a pocket

I'm a lover of a good print. It could be a good print on fabric or a good print on paper, I don't play favorites.  Lately, though I have found some pretty amazing scrapbook paper prints that have been screaming for me to create with them!

If you are local, my most favorite craft store is Artco in Tacoma, WA.  It's locally owned and while it's more expensive and doesn't have 40% off coupons like those other craft stores, it does have some pretty awesome items in stock.

I picked up a plain spiral bound notebook for $1 and these two pieces of coordinating scrapbook paper.  It took me all of five minutes to make something I love that would cost five times as much at those specialty paper stores!  Wait until you see it!

A little paper cutting and some double stick tape is all you need to cover the notebooks {I covered them front and back}

On the inside, I added a small pocket.  You do this by cutting out a small piece of paper and using double stick tape around 3 of the four sides {leave the top open}, and press it into place.

That's it!  Now you have some fancy notebooks just waiting to be filled with all of your thoughts. These make great teacher gifts for the holidays or teacher appreciation week.  Don't forget to pin it so you can remember to make one for your favorite teacher!

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