Dollar Store Succulent Wreath Tutorial

I am still crazy over the succulent trend. I remember as a kid we called them hens and chicks. Do people still do that? So, I was shopping at my local dollar store, as one does, and found a box full of succulents. I snatched them up because I had been eyeing them at my local craft store and at $4-5 each using them for a craft project of this size, was going to add up! I bought 19 of them because that's how many they had and was excited to get started on making a succulent wreath. It took me less than twenty minutes to whip this wreath up and I love the end result. I'm showing you how you can make your own today.

spring, dollar tree, tutorial

Dollar Store Succulent Wreath

spring, dollar tree, tutorial

How Do You Make a Simple Dollar Store Succulent Wreath

How Many Succulents Do You Need for a Succulent Wreath?

This is all up to you and your personal preference. I bought all of what they had, so I just used those. If I had more, I'm sure I would have used more!

Start by buying every single succulent you can find from the dollar store. They say they get them in often, and I am told that you can order items in bulk, I've just never been so desperate for a box full of dollar store items that I couldn't just pick up what I needed in the store. If you need more, buy more!

Prepare Your Succulents with Wire Cutters

I used my diagonal cutting pliers to cut the stem off at the base. This may have been more aggressive than I needed. If I had cut it down a bit and left about a half an inch, I could have poked the succulents into my grapevine wreath easier. Though I'm not sure if it mattered or not. I didn't try it that way, and it worked just fine. Just giving you options my friend.

Get a Wreath Form 

I bought this grapevine wreath for just a few dollars at Hobby Lobby. Of course I used a coupon silly!
The grapevine wreath allows the nub of the succulents to fit inside the layers more easily. You could use a different wreath form, I like this one for this project. Especially since so much of it will be exposed.

It's not rocket science. You literally just eye ball where you like the succulents and which ones you want to go next to the others and add hot glue to the base and stick them on. You will want to hold them in place to let the glue harden and hold a bit, but the plastic is thick so you shouldn't feel the heat.

I only covered half of my grapevine wreath. I actually like it like that, but, if you feel like a big spender, you can buy twice as many succulents and cover the whole wreath. I even toyed with the idea of filling in any blank spots with moss and not spacing the succulents in as tightly. 
spring, dollar tree, tutorial

There is a ton of flexibility in this. I really love the end result though and think that it makes a great spring wreath for my front porch.

spring, tutorial, dollar tree

So now I'm wondering...what do you call these plants? Hens and chicks or succulents? 

How to Make a Live Succulent Wreath

I think a live succulent wreath would be really cool! You could follow the same above instructions, but with live succulents. You'll need Sphagnum Moss to help hold in the water and give the succulents a base to grab on to. You'll also want to have a spray bottle with water to help mist the live succulents often. If you try a live wreath, send me a message! I want to see it!

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cookielady said...

Hi Rachel, Hens and chicks are a variety of succulents. There are lots of different kinds, as you see with your wreath. Many have cute names, too. I really liked your wreath. Very cute.

Unknown said...

I thought when you first talked about the Hen & Chicks that you were talking the real plant. Couldn't figure out how you could go to a Dollar Store & buy so many live plants. Then when I read farther I saw that they weren't real. We always called them Hen & Chicks also. The wreath looks nice.

Kelly J said...

Hi, Rachel! I second what @cookielady said, that Hens and Chicks are a particular kind of succulent and that there are tons of different kinds, even with cute names. One of my favorites is called Pork and Beans. It makes me think of thumbs that have been whacked by a hammer. :D

I love the wreath AND your blog. :)

rachelteodoro said...

Sounds like I need to spend some time getting to know some of the succulent names. Now I'm so curious!

Unknown said...

Hi Rachel! What dollar store did you purchase these from?

rachelteodoro said...

Karen, they came from my local Dollar Tree.

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