Knit Cowl Tunic Pattern and Tutorial

I don't think that it was so much of a new year's resolution as it was a goal of mine to try to get back into sewing again. I started sewing when I was young. I remember my first project was a hand stitched dress for my kitten to wear in the 4th of July parade. I should have taken my idea of designing pet clothes and run with it then because holy cow, that market is huge! Months go by now though when I don't stitch a thing and I wanted to change that because I forgot how much I loved to create. In January, I made this zippered fold-over clutch, in February I made this leather laptop sleeve and now this month, I created this cowl neck knit tunic. It's an easy pattern you can make too and it can be adjusted for all sizes., pattern, tutorial, sewing, make it yourself

Knit Cowl Tunic Pattern and Tutorial, pattern, tutorial, sewing, make it yourself

I love a sewing project that can be done in under an hour. This knit cowl tunic pattern is one of those projects. It's a flattering fit for most body types and works great when paired with skinny jeans or leggings. The cowl neck adds a fun detail to the tunic so the tunic isn't quite as plain Jane as it otherwise might be.


2 yards Knit Fabic 
measuring tape
cutting mat {not required BUT super helpful!}

You are going to want to start by cutting a rectangle in your knit that is 38" wide and 27" long. You need two pieces of this for your front and your back. Then, fold both pieces of your fabric in half {right sides together}, lay it on top of each other and measure 19" across. Make the cuts. Then you will measure 3" down on the fold at the top and cut a curve for the neck that goes to a point at the top at 8 1/2". From that 8 1/2" point you will measure down on the open end 2" down and angle your cutting ruler angle that down and make the cut.

This hand-drawn pattern gives you a better idea of what this pattern looks like and the cuts that you will be making. Measure down 9" and then measure in 2" for the sleeve then make a straight cut the rest of the way down the shirt. 
sewing, create, patterns,
You should have two identical pieces when you are done cutting that will look similar to this. 

Next, you are going to want to cut out your cowl neck. I cut a rectangle piece on the fold that was 20" long and 21 1/2" wide. You only need one of these pieces. Sew your cowl on the long edge and then fold it in half so the wrong sides are together.

Pin together your two tunic pieces right sides together and sew the shoulders on each side. Do the same under the sleeve {leave the sleeve open} and down to the bottom. 

Pin your cowl into the neckline with the fold facing towards the bottom. The right sides are together and you will be stitching the unfinished edge into the neckline on the inside of the tunic. Once this is finished roll the ends of the sleeves and stitch them down. Do the same thing with the bottom of your shirt. Now you are finished., pattern, tutorial, sewing, make it yourself, pattern, tutorial, sewing, make it yourself, pattern, tutorial, sewing, make it yourself

The fun part about this pattern is that it's your pattern. Make it however you want! If you think it's too wide, adjust the width. If you want to use a different material, do that. Like a different neckline? No problem! Just use the general ideas and have fun with it. I would love to see what you come up with. If you sew one, please tag me on social media {msrachelteodoro} or send me an e-mail. I love to see that you were inspired by something I posted. 

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