Easy Framed Sign Tutorial

You guys know how much I love to shop at thrift shops and garage sales. Heck, I even wrote a book about it.  You can usually pick up frames quite inexpensively {like for under a dollar}. There is usually an abundant supply of them in all shapes, sizes and colors.  I love the current wood frame sign trend and while you can make your own frame, I know I couldn't pick up the lumber for the frame for a quarter like I picked up each of the frames I used from the Goodwill Outlet. Curious about the Goodwill Outlet? Here's how you can shop if you are a first-timer. Love the sign trend? Keep scrolling for the full tutorial.

wood frame, farmhouse, diy, silhouette cameo, vinyl project

Easy Framed Sign Tutorial

wood frame, farmhouse, diy, silhouette cameo, vinyl project
I started by picking up some frames. I didn't need anything with glass. Usually glass-less frames sell for less because people think you want a frame with glass. Bonus for you. You will also need a piece of wood that is cut down to size to fit snugly inside the frame. The wood will sit inside where the frame sat.
I used stain to paint my board and my frame.

I applied two coats of stain and let the stain set over night. After the stain was dry, I cut a saying that I liked out of vinyl on my Silhouette machine {why do you not have one yet?!}. I always say to my kids "love you more", so I liked incorporating that saying into a sign they would see every day in their bathroom. I applied the vinyl on my board. For tips on how to use and apply vinyl, see this post

The letters I was using were acting like a stencil. However, if you want, you could leave the vinyl as is and call it a day. In order to get a clean crisp line with my stencil, I went over the vinyl letters with stain. You want a nice even thin layer of stain covering to act as a sealer to prevent any of the letters from bleeding once the vinyl is removed.

Once the stain on the letters is dry, find a paint color you like and paint over the whole board. I used the same off white that the board and batten is in my kids bathroom.

Once your paint is dry, carefully remove the vinyl.

Slip the completed board into your stained frame and you are ready to decorate!

wood frame, farmhouse, diy, silhouette cameo, vinyl project

These twenty-five cent frames were easy to personalize and make them look like a million bucks!

wood frame, farmhouse, diy, silhouette cameo, vinyl project

I love that my kids get this reminder every time they walk in their bathroom. Now you can make these framed signs with any saying that you want.

wood frame, farmhouse, diy, silhouette cameo, vinyl project
What will your sign say? Tag me @msrachelteodoro on all social media. I want to see your projects!

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www.busylifestylegal.com said...

What a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

sherry said...

can you tell me what font you used for "Love you More"

rachelteodoro said...

Hey Sherry! I'm not sure what font it is...maybe sophie??? Or starfish? Those have been my go to but I'm not sure.

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