How To Pick the Perfect Watermelon Every Time!

Our family LOVES watermelon. We go through at least one a week when they are in season. I think I've gotten pretty good at picking the perfect watermelon either at the grocery store, at the Farmer's market or at a roadside stand, and I want to share my knowledge with you. I've been using these tips for the past year and I haven't had a bad watermelon since! I can almost guarantee that you won't ever pick a bad watermelon again!

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How to Pick the Perfect Watermelon Every Time!

Do you "thump" a watermelon to tell if it's good?

When I was growing up, my mom always told me you had to thump a watermelon to pick a good one. I found that the little watermelon thumping technique didn't work for me very well and about half the time, I would pick a dud. I started trying a new method and it's worked 100% of the time in the year that I've been using it, so it's time that I shared with you how to pick the perfect watermelon.

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What are you looking for when you are picking a watermelon?

First, you need to know what you are looking for. You want to keep your eyes out for a yellow spot where the watermelon has grown and ripened. It doesn't really matter where the spot it. Sometimes it's on the bottom, sometimes it's on one of the ends. It just needs a spot that has a creamy yellow hue to it. You also want to look for scaring. I'm told these scars that I have circled and pointed out with an arrow are where the bee came to pollinate the watermelon as it grew. I don't know how much truth is in that, but I think the more scarring the better and have noticed a difference in sweetness.

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Here are some other examples of watermelons that have scarring as well as that creamy yellow spot.
All of these watermelons would be perfect!

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I wanted to include a watermelon I don't think would taste good. This one has a pale growth spot on it, not a creamy yellow one. It's not a very large spot either, which makes me think that it's been picked too soon.

This is the one that ended up in my cart. I loved all the scarring and the deep yellow spot. Once you find one with those details, the watermelon should also feel heavy for it's size.

fruit, summer, picnic, picking tips
My little watermelon selection method hasn't steered me wrong. I don't think you can go wrong either. But if you do, know that every single store you buy produce from has a return policy. If you select a bad fruit, they welcome your returns and will let you select a replacement. I'm not sure you're going to need it though, if you follow these tips. Now you know what to look for. Happy hunting!

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