Pineapple Banana Smoothie

My kids love smoothies. I love that I can get all kinds of fruits into them in a yummy tasting drink and they seem none the wiser. Smoothies are perfect anytime. They are a great refreshing drink when the weather starts getting warmer or a healthy side or breakfast. This is an easy smoothie to make and you can feel good about serving it to your family. 
homemade, fresh, orange julius

Pineapple Banana Smoothie

homemade, fresh, orange julius

1 Cup pineapple chunks
½ Banana
2 Cups milk
½ Tbsp sugar or honey

Peel and slice the banana.
Take the banana and the pineapple chunks to a blender

Add the milk and sugar {or honey}

Pulse until fully combined and the sugar is dissolved

If you want, you can add a few cups of ice and blend to make this drink even more refreshing!
Pour into short glasses
homemade, fresh, orange julius

Serve and enjoy

homemade, fresh, orange julius

Add a couple of mint leaves for an extra refreshing result
homemade, fresh, orange julius

Do you have a favorite kind of smoothie? I'm always looking for new ideas to try.

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