Digital Dudz DIY Halloween Costume with Layered HTV

I wasn't lying when I told you last week that I was not even a little bit ready for Halloween. My youngest son was playing a game on the computer when he saw an ad for a costume he just had to have. Well played marketing director at Digital Dudz. Well played. Neither of us had ever heard of this company before so I had to look it up. I'm going to assume you are just like us and have no clue either so let me explain. Digital Dudz are digital t-shirts for those people who may not want to dress up in more than a t-shirt but still look like they put a little effort into it. This is perfect for that middle school boy who might think they are too old for a costume but still wants to dress up. 
Long story short, we looked around and couldn't find any of the t-shirts he wanted in stock. We had just days to get the shirt in the mail, but shipping was estimated for the second week in November. That wasn't going to work. So we decided to put our heads together and we DIY'd our own Digital Dudz t-shirt that is going to work perfectly for Halloween. I actually made my 12 year old do most of the work, and he is wearing that shirt with pride.
Come check out how you can make a DIY version in under an hour. Perfect if you are still looking for that last minute costume idea or maybe you just want something nobody has seen before.


DIY Digital Halloween T-shirt Tutorial

Start with an image you like. I like simple because it's easier to cut on your Silhouette Cameo. {seriously, how do you not have one yet??! Just buy one will ya.} You can find an image in the Silhouette design store, or create your own. This tutorial may help you create a shape you can use.
My son wanted two colors. Remember, I was pressed for time. I had to swing into Joann's {I know, don't start with me...I broke up with her and now I'm back. It's a bad relationship.} and they had a huge selection of half price Cricut vinyl. I hadn't heard good things about it, so I was worried, but I picked up a pack to try. 
I shouldn't have worried. It was fabulous! And, unlike the Silhouette foil heat transfer vinyl, you CAN layer another piece of vinyl over the Cricut foil vinyl. 
Keep in mind, there are several designs you can download from the FREE Digital Dudz app. My son was obsessed with an eyeball so that's what drove him to select this skull.  We used the offset tool in the design software to create an inside {red foil vinyl} and an outside {black vinyl}.  Here's a tutorial on how to use and cut iron on heat transfer vinyl if this is your first time.
Shiny side always goes down. I have to look at the directions every single time. And don't forget to mirror your image if it matters. 
After both layers of the HTV was ironed on, we used scissors to cut out one of the eyes where the iPhone will be placed creating your digital t-shirt.
silhouette cameo with heat transfer vinyl

You will need to make a small iPhone holder that can slip into the back of your shirt and stay secure. Owen created his using a cardboard box and gluing and taping the sides together. He also added two secure bars on the top to hold the iPhone in place. 

Make sure you can easily slip the iPhone in and out of the holder and that you can push the power button while the shirt is attached to you. 

Finally, you are going to want to secure the iPhone to your shirt. The image can be made bigger or smaller and the darkness can be adjusted on the iPhone screen. However, you will still need to make sure your iPhone {or other device} is lined up behind the cut out that you made so that it looks normal. 

Owen secured the iPhone holder in place with duct tape. 

He is darn excited about his new shirt and he's pretty proud of himself that he made it. Don't want to make one? Order one here

How's that for a good last-minute Halloween costume? 

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